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Janet Coester grew up on a horse farm in Iowa in love with animals and nature.  She attained her "A" rating, the highest level, in the United States Pony Club (an International organization for youth 21 and under).  Janet fell in love with God and eventually entered Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey (a monastic community), and was a member for seven and one half years.  She fell in love with people and became a massage therapist.  Janet strongly believes that we are one human family.  In 1985 she joined the Baha'i Faith. Because of Janet's love for God, people and creation, she joined the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament in 1986.  In 1988 she participated on the American Soviet & Soviet American Walks in the United States & the Ukraine. She fell in love with the people and the country, and she knew somehow, some way she must return.

 In 1989 she created and fundraised for a project that allowed 8 Soviet citizens to participate in Phase I of the "Global Walk for a Livable World" from Santa Monica to New York.  In 1991 she rested, fundraised, studied Russian and prepared to walk, this time every step of the way.  In 1992 and 1993 Janet walked solo across the Russian Federation, 6,200 miles.  In 1994 Janet initiated and fundraised for a project that translated "Unless and Until: A Baha'i Perspective on the Environment" into Russian with the aim of delivering the book with its excellent explanation of global environmental problems along with the lists of other resources and groups, to every school and library in the Baikal Watershed Region.  

Janet reconnected with her friend Ric and they were married while she was on a brief visit to the United States in 1995.  Janet secretly hoped that Ric would fall in love with the Russian Federation as much as she had and they would live there for a long time.  Janet and Ric returned to Iowa in 1996 in time for the Great Peace March reunion.  Janet thought to tie up loose ends and live rent free while writing her book.  As usual, God and life had other plans.  The book is in progress and is enriched by family and new experiences in life.

In light of the current global situation she can be silent no longer.

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